Packing for Travel with a Toddler

Whether you are an experienced globe-totter (heh, see what I did there?) or you are taking your first trip with a small child, travel with a toddler is different than travel with a… Continue reading

Pregnancy and Childbirth in Turkey

My little traveler has just turned two, and it seems like yesterday I was staring out at the Bosphorus after more than 24 hours in labor, while my Turkish doctor sang along to… Continue reading

Toddler Travel: Where we’re going this summer

Remember a few weeks, er, months ago when I asked for feedback on where to take Miss V before she turns two in July? We got great advice about the ease of travel… Continue reading

Gear: What makes a good travel stroller?

Recently, I’ve gotten some emails and comments about traveling with strollers, especially in Istanbul, and it got me thinking back to my many months of stroller research pre-Vera and now many months of… Continue reading

Before Baby Turns Two: Where to Go?

My baby is now 20 months, and somehow it’s nearly spring already! We’ve been very lucky to have had a busy year already with travel, ringing in the new year in Brazil and… Continue reading

Season’s Greetings – Holiday Travel with a Baby and Family Travel Gift Guide

Only a few weeks left in the year, and shocker, we’re too busy getting ready for another trip to write about all the places we’ve already been. In nine days, we’ll be off… Continue reading

Advanced Baby Travel: Flying with a toddler

After three long posts about flying with a baby, I thought I had pretty much exhausted all the advice I had. Then in August, just after Vera turned one year old, we flew to… Continue reading

Best Istanbul neighborhoods for traveling with a baby

Istanbul is a wonderful place to travel with children, as Turkish people are some of the most baby-friendly in the world. My daughter Vera was born in Istanbul and spent most of her… Continue reading

Surfacing: KUAT comes home

So it’s been a month (or two, eek) since we’ve been around these parts, but if you’ve followed us on Twitter or Facebook, you can see we haven’t exactly been cooling our heels.… Continue reading

Happy Birthday/Mutlu Yillar Vera!

Last week in Istanbul, we celebrated a big milestone: my baby Vera’s first birthday. Since she’s such a jetsetter, we wanted a travel theme for her birthday party, with a nod to her… Continue reading