If you’re planning a trip with a child, here are some additional resources on family travel.

Family/baby travel blogs
There are a million family travel blogs out there, but these are some favorites with a focus on international (and US too) travel. Most of these sites include city guides, gear reviews, and travel tips.

Almost Fearless
All Over the Map
Cloud Surfing Kids
Delicious Baby
Have Baby, Will Travel
Ian and Wendy
Mom Filter
Mother of All Trips
Snaps and Blabs
Travel Savvy Mom
Travels with Baby
With 2 Kids in Tow

Places to stay, guidebooks, and other necessities 
While part of the beauty of traveling with a young baby is that you don’t *need* to go to specifically kid-friendly places or do children’s activities, it never hurts to have options! There are hundreds of gear rental companies around the world, too many to list here, but some are listed on these sites. Finally, I don’t list any baby supplies websites as I don’t think they are necessary; diapers, baby food, and other products exist around the world and part of the fun of travel is trying local stuff!

AirBnB apartment rentals worldwide
Baby Goes 2 accommodation and destination guides
Baby guidebook roundup from World Hum
Ciao, Bambino family accommodations
Herb Lester’s Uncle’s Guide to London (many more fabulous, non-child-geared maps too)
Indagare family trips and picks
Little LUXE guidebooks for Bali (coming soon), Hong Kong, Singapore
Mr. and Mrs. Smith child-friendly hotel picks guide to the best hotel chains for family (some really cool offerings in here, but mostly US)
Posh Brood upscale and hip family-friendly accommodations.
Travels with Baby guidebooks, and tons of great resources on products, gear rentals, and more

Funny (mostly) parenting reads

Daddy Types: Found this blog while doing stroller research (ugh), and regularly enjoy their finds, reviews and opinions
Dad Wagon: Excellent essays about parenting, travel, and the love/hate New York living. Why do dad blogs seem to be funnier than moms?!
Crappy Pictures: Funny pictures and anecdotes
Let’s Panic About Babies! Now in convenient book form!
Like the Vodka: Another PR/blogger/mother married to a Russian!
The Bloggess: If you don’t love Jenny, we can’t be friends
STFU, Parents: Check yourself before you wreck yourself

General travel resources 
There are a million wonderful and worthy travel blogs out there, these are just the sites I check before I go somewhere. Yes, all of them, and often more.

Brooklyn Limestone (home design and travel)
Budget Travel
Conde Nast Traveler/Concierge (see especially Wendy Perrin’s advice for families)
Gadling/HuffPo travel
Grantourismo Travels
Hotel Chatter
In Your Pocket guides (mostly Eastern Europe)
New York Times travel section
Travel + Leisure
TRVL iPad magazine

Did I miss your favorite? I’m often jet-lagged, sleep-deprived, and typing one-handed, so it happens. Want to be added to this list? Leave me a comment or email