Season’s Greetings – Holiday Travel with a Baby and Family Travel Gift Guide

Vera's first Christmas, Istanbul 2011

Vera’s first Christmas, Istanbul 2011

Only a few weeks left in the year, and shocker, we’re too busy getting ready for another trip to write about all the places we’ve already been. In nine days, we’ll be off to Brazil (finally cashing in some AA miles) for a few weeks in Rio and Sao Paulo, assuming our visas come through in time!

Over on Gadling, I’ve written a few baby travel articles for the season, and wanted to share here:

Gift Guide for Young Families: Divided by stage from newborn, to confident toddler, to those just dreaming about travel with a baby, this year’s guide has some gear like the Boba Air, cool gadgets like a convertible diaper bag/bassinet, and sweetness like a customized map blanket.

Tips for Holiday Travel with a Baby covers much of the same ground as this site, in a bite-sized format. Key tips for this year: it’s worth paying for extra legroom, stay away from hot polyester fleece, and let baby dictate your jet-lag adjustments.

We also visited Macy’s Santa this week, so look for a post about that soon. More to come from our 2012 travels too, maybe in 2013!