About Me

I was a New York City-based travel publicist and occasional blogger when my husband and I were temporarily moved to Istanbul in April 2010. When we arrived in Turkey, we weren’t sure if we wanted a child or how a baby would affect our lifestyle of frequent travel and urban exploration, and returned to Brooklyn in 2012 with a one-year-old baby. That baby is now a first-grader in North Carolina and desperately wants to go to Greenland to see narwhals.

Vera Alcazar Nesterov was born July 12, 2011 at Istanbul’s American Hospital, and posed for her first passport photo at two weeks of age. From the beginning, I took her everywhere, from Turkish meyhanes to Irish pubs; on planes, trains, buses, and ferries; to twenty countries and twenty-six U.S. states. These are her stories.

You can read more about what you can expect to read on this blog on my welcome post.

Many of my travels pre- and with Vera appeared on Gadling.com. You can also find me occasionally at TheNotoriousM.E.G., and often on Twitter: @thenotoriousmeg, and Instagram @megoftheworld (was KnockedUpAbroad) Want to ask a question or give me some tips? You can email knockedupabroad@gmail.com.

*Many thanks to Alex at VisaStamper for the cool Istanbul passport stamp used in our header. Check out his site for a fun way to log your travels, and buy the new app!*